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Likearainbowshop Vintage Restoration services are a result of more than 40 years experience with a sewing needle that started with Roser embroidering in her native town of Barcelona when she was 10 years old.

From this, she learned pattern cutting and clothes making at the same time as being an apprentice of a Tailor’s atelier in the same city. This experience gave her a unique knowledge of construction and tricks for making bespoke clothes and the necessary tricks for repairing and altering clothes.

Also, she learned the handling and of different kind of fabrics the diversity of which you can only learn when you do bespoke services.

Restoration knowledge comes from the experience acquired from handling so many different kinds of fabrics an fibres.


Old garments were made of natural fibres and don’t stand the pass of time and get torn in some places; they can be repaired but need a thorough checking of the damage; the fabric and find the best solution.

The below is an example of a work done to the customer complete satisfaction.

This vintage 20’s silk Crepe de Chine dress needed to be restored as there is great demand for hiring these kinds of dresses for period dramas.

The fabric was ripped on a very exposed area of the dress so I made a delicate but strong invisible mending and replaced the flowers in a position as close as the original as possible.

Some seams needed strengthen also so the dress could be worn.